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Equipment 1.jpgIndustrial Pick-To-Light Systems
TSG offers Smart Logic Pick-to-Light, a proprietary, paperless picking technology with numerous unique features including a rugged industrial housing using the latest electronic components and state-of-the-art micro software design. Our picklights enable unique, configurable functions and status displays for reliable increased picker accuracy and speed.

Equipment 2.jpgWeighing and Scanning Systems
Integrated in-line and off-line product, tare-weight and finished-container accuracy weight-validation systems offer automatic operation or guided, monitored user interface with real time database weight comparison, recording, and logical analysis. We provide accuracy-dependent motion control of associated conveyor equipment that is configurable for varied user requirements.

Equipment 3.jpgCarton Document Insertion Automation
TSG's proprietary design provides you with an automated, integrated, validated control system for matching carton and document and ensuring fast, accurate, automatic document insertion into the right carton. Our system hosts a fast, durable, high-volume custom printing engine capable of scanning cartons with rapid retrieval, printing, document validation scanning and photo-eye confirmation of insertion and metering cartons into one or more insertion stations.

Partner Components - Performance Equipment

Material Handling Conveyors, Racking, Palletizing Robotics, Custom Components

Scanners for Container Labels, Document Insertion, SKU Product Codes, Control Sensors

Systems & Controls
Static and Motion Scales for Products, Containers, QC Assurance Systems

Print Engines for Automated Document Insertion

PC's, Servers, Work Stations, Touch Screen Monitors