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Control 1.jpgWarehouse Control Systems
Intelligent "Control" software integrates all material handling components, including sortation, merging and diverting, print management and automatic document insertion, labeling, robotic controls, pick line monitoring and performance, and real-time tracking, analysis, scanning and weighing.

Order Management and Fulfillment
Our solutions include support productivity tracking, category management, order allocation, quality assurance enforcement, logistics forecasting, batch or perpetual picking, and our flagship product, the PerfectPIC® pick-n-pack system.

Automated Product Sortation
TSG's APS machines use imaging technology to capture a picture of an item and determine its disposition in a fraction of a second, increasing producvity exponentially over manual operations.  Watch them in action below:

Partner Components

VB & .NET Software Tools, SQL Database

Control Configuration & Monitor System

Custom PLC Interface to Software and Equipment Motion Control