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We are committed to the success of the systems and solutions we design and implement. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE CORNERSTONE OF OUR BUSINESS. The Solutions Group is known for providing proven, reliable, responsive, and professional service and support that our clients can trust. We set ourselves apart from all competition by giving our clients access to expert level support staff that can troubleshoot and identify problems, as well as offer consultation for operational improvements.

Support Options

Single Point Accountability

At TSG, we provide our support clients with Single Point Accountability that covers all components within the systems we design and install. The crew that installs your system is the same support staff that you turn to when you need our help. TSG understands the negative impact downtime has on productivity and the importance of minimizing it. As a result, we take pride in educating our clients and take ownership of our solutions by providing a responsive, professional and knowledgeable level of support. TSG operates with a "buck stops here" mentality in every phase of a project, and our support and training services are no exception.

Hardware Maintenance Services
TSG provides hardware management support service for your TSG manufactured equipment and certified partner hardware systems that we install. We offer hot-swap support services for partner hardware components. Components are subject to repair or replacement based on condition and will be documented for support tracking information.

Software Maintenance Services
For the company that wants to remain on the cutting edge of our technology, maintenance support is paramount to your business. Our solutions evolve from a culmination of our industry experiences and client feedback. Maintenance clients receive the latest updates for all software solutions installed by TSG. This means you will always receive the latest upgrades and features for your specific software solution.

Instructional Maintenance Service
Optional in the support services is annual preventive maintenance and training sessions. The sessions include a complete maintenance service by an expert level field technician to evaluate and diagnose system components for potential failure. Such components include servers, PCs, scanners, cables, pick lights and accessories, I/O controllers, and software configurations. Components are subject to repair or replacement based on condition and will be documented for support tracking information. While on site, the field technician will provide system training for new and existing employees. TSG's commitment to our clients' success can't be more evident than with the pride and importance we place on user training. Minimizing downtime is the key to our clients' productivity, and it starts with knowledgeable users.